1055 Angel Number

1055 Angel Number

Why do you keep seeing 1055? Sometimes your guardian angels send you a message or guidance in the form of a repeating number. This is called an angel number. You might see this number on license plates, billboards, and road signs or you might look at the clock and notice that the time is 10:55. What is the 1055 meaning?

1055 Angel Number Meaning

1055 Spiritual Meaning

What does 1055 mean spiritually?

The angel number 1055 meaning is as follows:


Your angels ask you to evaluate your accomplishments and celebrate them. Start a new habit where you list 1 to 3 daily accomplishments, no matter how small, at the end of each day and congratulate yourself.

You are being asked to evaluate your accomplishments and give yourself a pat on the back. Your angels are concerned that you are too hard on yourself and you don’t give yourself enough credit for the things you do or have done in the past. When you reward yourself for your accomplishments it will make you feel good and help you see how your efforts result in positive rewards. This will motivate you to carry on. This is very important when you do things that don’t show immediate results. Instead of waiting for years to see the results reward your today.

For example, raising kids is a very difficult task. They won’t thank you for your efforts and sacrifices. Thank yourself and praise yourself!

Make a list of your accomplishments in the last year and the last 5 years and then celebrate them. Reward yourself. You deserve it!

 Perform random acts of kindness 

Perform a random act of kindness today no matter how small.

When you perform random acts of kindness is helps you as much as it helps others. It takes the focus off you and any problems you might have and allows you to be a positive force in someone else’s life. This is a great way to revive positive energies.

Do something small to help someone today or tomorrow without getting anything back in return. It can be a small gesture or something that will really impact their life. Be creative and find an opportunity to help someone.

Make a difference in someone’s life or just put a smile on their face! It will make you feel good and life your mood.

 Believe in yourself 

Your angels are asking you to believe in yourself and your self-worth. Don’t give up on your dreams. Have faith in your abilities and be kind to yourself.

The 1055 meaning is a symbol of your personal power and inner strength. When you believe in yourself you have the confidence to make changes and take risks. If you don’t believe in yourself you will not be able to make progress or overcome obstacles. Angel number 1055 is a reminder to believe in yourself, trust your instincts and intuition and be confident in your abilities. Know that you are capable of reaching your goals. You are on your way to living your best life.

Encourage positive thoughts as they will develop a positive mindset.

You can try positive affirmations to encourage positive thinking and self-empowerment. See How to Write Affirmations or take our free online course on how to use affirmations to transform your life.

If your negative self-limiting thoughts are holding you back then work on overcoming your limiting beliefs and developing a positive outlook.

Whatever you hold in your mind on a daily basis is what you will experience in life. If you hold positive empowering thoughts then that is what you will experience. If you hold doubt and lack self-confidence then that too is what you will experience. You have the power to decide what to believe and which thoughts to hold. Tell yourself that you are an amazing valuable talented person who deserves to live a good life.

Even if you fail or don’t succeed, be kind to yourself. We all make mistakes. Perseverance is key.

 The changes you are making at this time are necessary in order for you to grow 

Angel number 1055 is a message to look for changes you can make in your life in order to grow and live your best life.
Look for small changes you can make in your life that will help you grow. You can learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. You might also want to replace a bad habit with a new habit. See our free habit trackers that will help you develop better habits.

Angel number 1055 puts emphasis on changes. These changes might force you to leave your comfort zone. Have courage as it will lead you to your personal freedom and soul mission, even if you don’t understand how right now.

The things you focus on are the things that will grow. Once you start taking action toward your goals you will start seeing the results.

Evaluate your spiritual life. Number 155 is often a signal of the beginning of a spiritual journal that will lead you to spiritual freedom. This means different things for different people.

 Manifest your dream life 

Angel number 1055 is a sign that you have an opportunity to manifest the things you want to bring into your life. Create a manifest list, visualize yourself getting the things on the list, express gratitude, be positive and take action to make things happen.

You are a master of manifestation and your visions are becoming reality.

The 1055 angel number means that if you take the initiative, you will see positive changes. This means that you can manifest anything you want if you take initiative. Spend time on reflection to decide exactly what you want to manifest and create a manifest list. You must list the things you want to manifest in a clear and specific manner. Don’t write vague or unclear wishes.

Visualize yourself having each of the things on your manifest list. Feel exactly what you will feel when you have them. Keep practicing gratitude, count your blessings, and be thankful for the things you have. You can also express gratitude for the things you want in the present tense, as if you already have them (see manifestation affirmations).

It is important to understand that your thoughts are very powerful when it comes to manifestation but they are not enough to manifest anything. You need to take action in order to start making things happen. Your guardian angels will support you.

Think about your motivation for each of the things that you wish for. Why do you want it? It will help create the energy you will need to manifest it.

If you don’t know how to manifest then you might want to try our free Manifestation Journal which will guide you through each of the stages.

Free Manifestation Journal

1055 Angel Number Love

The 1055 angel number meaning in love depends on whether you are in a relationship or not.

 If you are single: 

The 1055 angel number is a sign of new beginnings and this includes your love life. However, it is also a sign of change, which means that you will start a new relationship soon but it will be different from your previous relationships. Different in a good way. It will be much better than your past relationships.

The 1055 meaning is to do things differently. If you have looked for a certain type of person in a relationship then consider a different type. If you look for a partner in a specific place or on a specific app then try a new one. When you start your new relationship then try something different. Think about mistakes you have made in the past and make an effort not to repeat them.

This is a good time to think about what you are looking for in a relationship.

 If you are in a relationship: 

The 1055 angel number is a sign to make changes in your relationship if you have problems. Your angels are asking you to make changes in order to solve these problems. These changes can be small such as going to bed at the same time, surprising each other with little things, communicating more, spending time apart if necessary, seeking support, etc.

1055 Angel Number Twin Flame

The angel number 1055 twin flame meaning depends on where you are in your twin flame journey.

Twin Flame Reunion

Angel 1055 is a sign that if you want to reunite with or meet your twin flame, then you have to take initiative. Stop waiting for it to happen and make it happen.

Twin Flame Separation

Due to the nature of a twin flame relationship, a breakup is not uncommon (see Twin Flame Stages). If you want to get back together then angel 1055 is a sign that you must take initiative.

The 1055 twin flame number is a good sign. It means that you have more power than you thought.

1055 Journal Prompts

Angel numbers are sent to provoke thought and send us guidance to help us progress in life and find the right path. Sometimes, a number has a secret meaning that we don’t understand at first. For example, the number 1055 encourages you to make changes in your life but not everyone knows where they should make these changes. The following journal prompts are specifically related to angel number 1055 and will help you understand the secret message your angels are trying to send you.

  1. Describe one change you can make to be a better version of yourself. How can you make that change?
  2. Create a bucket list and set a timeline for the things you want to do.
  3. What are my biggest dreams and desires in life?
  4. What does my ideal life look like? How can I work towards making it a reality?
  5. What limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns do I need to overcome to manifest my desires?
  6. What steps can I take to align my thoughts, beliefs, and actions with my desired outcome?
  7. What are the specific things I am grateful for in my life right now? How can I use this positive energy to attract more abundance?
  8. How can I use visualization techniques to help manifest my desires? What do I see, feel, and experience in this visualization?
  9. How can I release any resistance or attachment to the outcome and trust in the universe to bring me what I desire?
  10. What daily habits or practices can I incorporate into my life to support my manifestation goals?
  11. How can I stay motivated and focused on my manifestation goals when faced with challenges or setbacks?
  12. What lessons or growth opportunities can I learn from any challenges or obstacles I face along the way?

1055 Numerology

What does 1055 mean?

Numerology reduction is the basis for all numerology interpretations and calculations. Therefore, to find the meaning of 1055 in numerology, you reduce the digits in 1055 (1+0+5+5=11). The result is 11 which is a master number.

Since 11 is a master number you do not continue to reduce 11 until you get to a single-digit number. Instead, the 1055 numerology meaning is equivalent to that of the master number 11. Master number 11 is written 11/2 since Master Numbers are represented by the double-digit number first and then the reduced base number.

What is the 11 meaning in numerology? Number 11 symbolizes intuition, inner wisdom, innovation, inspiration, higher energy, and creativity. Master number 11 is considered the most intuitive of all of the numbers and it is called the Spiritual Messenger.

The 1055 angel number is reduced to 11 and is made up of 1, 0, and 5. Therefore has the attributes, energies, and vibrations of the numbers 1, 0, 5, and 11.

  • Zero carries the vibrations of new beginnings or new opportunities. It is a sign of infinity or eternity.
  • Number 1 carries the vibrations of change, creativity, development, and new beginnings.
  • Number 5 carries the vibration of change, expansion, resourcefulness, transition, and transformation. Since the number 5 appears twice you can be sure that changes are about to happen in your life. Your angels have placed an emphasis on the number 5.
  • Number 11 carries the vibrations of intuition, inner wisdom, innovation, inspiration, higher energy, and creativity.

What does angel number 1055 mean?

Angel number 1055 is a sign that something in your life is starting or new opportunities will present themselves soon. These changes will cause a transformation and bring abundance into your life. The changes will be substantial and they will improve your life greatly. 

To understand the 1055 meaning, you break the number sequence down.

  • Number 1 is the first digit in the sequence 1055. Therefore, it points to the situation that led you to this particular moment. Since angel number 1 signifies new beginnings or new opportunities it means that something new is starting in your life or new opportunities will present themselves soon.
  • The central number 05 gives the angel number 1055 its core message. Zero is infinite. It is considered as the number of infinity as it has no beginning and no end. Therefore, angel number 0 is regarded as the Alpha and Omega. It signifies and impacts divine energy. Angel number 5 is a sign that change that will bring abundance is on the way. It is a message to trust that this change is for the good.
  • The last digit signals the likely outcome. In 1055 the last digit is 5. Angel number 5 is a sign of transformation and change, you can assume that your guardian angels will ensure that the outcome will be positive.
Therefore, the combination of 1 at the beginning, 05 in the middle, and 5 at the end of the sequence sends a message of optimism. It means that something in your life is beginning, it will definitely cause changes and these changes will bring abundance.