1155 Angel Number

1155 angel number

The 1155 angel number is sent to you to warn you that  changes are about to happen in your life .  Read on to see what you need to do to ensure that these changes lead you to your best life.  

What does it mean when you see 11:55 each time you look at the clock or you keep seeing 1155 on phone numbers or license plates? It might not be a coincidence, but a message from your guardian angels. Read on to see what the meaning of 1155 is.

1155 Angel Number Meaning

What does 1155 mean spiritually?

 New beginnings will cause a transformation in your life 

The main message sent by the 11:55 angel number is that a new beginning or new opportunity will cause a transformation in your life. This new opportunity might present itself to you or you might need to look for it.

Look for a new opportunity in an area of your life that needs improvement. If you are not sure which area of your life could do with a change, see our free wheel of life maker. It will point to areas of your life that can do with some TLC.
angel number 1155
Angel number 1155 is a sign of new beginnings. It doesn’t necessarily refer to major life changes. It refers to positive changes that could be small but will improve your life in some way. They could be new projects, new directions in life, or even a new way to deal with stress. 1155 has the vibrations of new beginnings or impending changes.

Changes, even positive life changes, often cause people to leave their comfort zone. Some people would prefer to stay in situations they are not happy with instead of stepping into the unknown. Keep an open mind and have the courage to make changes. Take charge of your own life. Your ascended masters are sending you a message that these new beginnings will have a happy outcome. They will have many long-term benefits such as emotional fulfillment or finding your life purpose.

Release negative thoughts and follow your heart. Trust your intuition and inner wisdom. Make small changes that will lead you to personal freedom. You are the creator of your destiny. You have the inner strength to make the changes required to live your best life.
Look out for new opportunities that will improve your life in some way. They are not necessarily huge changes and transformations. They could be small changes that will improve your life somehow. Don’t be scared to leave your comfort zone. You need to make some changes in order to live your best life.


The vibrational frequency of 1155 can help you with reflection and introspection and a deeper understanding of things you never understood before. You might not have realized that your life could do with a change before this message. You now have an opportunity for reflection and introspection. Take advantage of this opportunity. It will help you understand which changes you need to make to live your best life.

1155 angel number

Ask yourself if you have a toxic relationship in your life that you might need to leave. Do you have negative energies you need to get rid of? Are you living your best life, or do you need to make changes? Are you happy with your life choices?
Your angels are asking you to spend time on reflection and introspection Try to understand how you got to where you are. Are you happy with where you are? If you are, keep going in the same direction. If not, how can you change your direction and take a new path that will lead you to where you want to go?

 Be courageous and flexible 

Are there things you would like to do differently, such as switch careers, improve your relationships or start a new hobby?

Your angels sense that fear is keeping you from living your best life. You need to face this fear before you can manifest your true dreams and desires. It may not seem related to fear. Instead, the idea of change may seem impractical or out of your reach. However, self-doubt might be the thing that is preventing you from making the changes you want to make. Our brain prefers comfort and predictability and that is natural. Any change, even good, causes feelings of fear and self-doubt. You are not alone. However, the downside is that these feelings of fear prevent you from making the changes that would improve your life.
Your angels are asking you to spend time thinking about what it is you really want. Describe your ideal life if anything was possible. Dream big and think about what you truly want and not what others want for you. When you have that dream in your mind, narrow it down to one thing you would like to pursue from that dream. It could be a trip to Europe, a better romantic relationship, or a better job. Once you have defined your goal, explain to yourself that you will need to step out of your comfort zone to reach this goal. You might make mistakes along the way and success is not guaranteed, but you will try something new. You will build resilience and courage and those are exceptional skills to acquire even if your outcome is not as successful as you hoped it would be.
Don’t ignore your fear. Instead, acknowledge it. When your inner critic tells you that you are not capable of making the change, try to change your self-talk. Try to rephrase the statements in a more positive manner. For example, if your inner critic says: “I am not capable of getting a better job” change your self-talk to “I’m willing to make an effort to look for a better job”. Change your self-talk to make it positive and actionable. Acknowledge the fear that is preventing you from making changes to improve your life and change your self-talk to make it positive and actionable. Instead of saying “I can’t change something” tell yourself you are prepared to try and make a change.

 Step back and allow things to happen 

Your angels are asking you to stop worrying about things and let them happen. Sometimes you need to step back and allow things to happen. For example, when you are trying to sleep, it is often only possible when you clear your mind and gently allow yourself to drift off to sleep. When you keep worrying and thinking, then it will be more difficult to fall asleep. Sometimes our thoughts and concerns only serve to delay the things we are worrying about. Trust that things will be okay. Do whatever you can to make them happen and then let things happen. Nature has its own deliberate pace and when you accept this, then things will run smoothly.

Let things happen instead of constantly worrying about things you have no control over.

 Embrace the paradox of life 

Life isn’t always perfect. Sometimes we need to accept the duality of nature and let two opposing states exist. For example, there is no good without evil, or beauty without ugliness. There might be things in life that are not perfect. For example, you might have a job you don’t enjoy. However, this helps you enjoy your weekends and free time more than you would. Don’t accept things you can change and improve. However, if there are things you are not happy with, embrace them and look for the ways in which they help you. This new thought pattern will help you change your outlook and enjoy life more than you would have. It isn’t what you experience in life that matters, but how you perceive your experiences.

Accept the negative things you cannot change and know that you will enjoy the positive states even more. There is no light without darkness.

It’s true that accepting things that are beyond your control is a key aspect of maintaining a positive outlook and reducing stress and anxiety. There are many things in life that we cannot change, but focusing on them and trying to control the uncontrollable can lead to feelings of frustration and disappointment. Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up or resigning yourself to a situation, but rather acknowledging it for what it is and finding a way to move forward in a positive way.

It’s also important to recognize that while darkness can be difficult, it can also provide contrast and highlight the positive aspects of life. Without experiencing challenges and hardships, it can be difficult to appreciate the good times and to grow and develop as a person. By accepting the negative and finding a way to embrace it, you can cultivate resilience and find new opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

 1155 Angel Number Love 

What does 1155 mean in love?

The 1155 angel number meaning in love depends on whether you are in a relationship or not.

 If you are single: 

This could be a sign to take action and try something new. If you have been looking to meet someone in a specific place, then try somewhere else. Try a new app, a new approach, or look for a new type of person. Focus on positive thoughts. Your love life will improve when your mindset improves.

This is a good time to think about what you are looking for in a relationship.

 If you are in a relationship: 

The 11 55 angel number is a sign to do something new and different to bring the spark back to your relationship and reach romantic fulfillment. You have to do the work to bring the spark back. Don’t rely on your partner and don’t just accept that it’s normal to lose the spark in a relationship over time. Your angels are telling you that you can get that spark back. Recreate how you acted at the beginning of your relationship. Understand your partner’s love language, spend quality time together, plan a surprise date, and communicate. You might also want to try our free couples journal.

Couples Journal

 1155 Angel Number Twin Flame 

In numerology, you can break down the number 1155 to its constituent parts:

  • Number 1: Often associated with new beginnings, leadership, and taking initiative.
  • Number 5: Typically related to change, adaptability, and freedom.

When combined, these numbers may suggest a message related to changes and new beginnings in the context of a relationship, such as a twin flame connection. However, it’s crucial to consider angel numbers as gentle guidance rather than strict predictions. The interpretation of angel numbers should be highly personal and based on your own intuition and feelings.

The angel number 1155 twin flame meaning depends on where you are in your twin flame journey.

 Twin Flame Reunion 

There are different stages in a twin flame relationship and a breakup is not uncommon (see Twin Flame Stages). A twin flame relationship is about change and spiritual growth. Angel 1155 is a sign that change is about to happen. This change could refer to your twin flame reunion.

Here are some possibble interpretations:

  1. New Beginnings and Transformation (Number 1): The presence of the number 1 in 1155 may signify the beginning of a new phase in your Twin Flame journey. It could suggest that you and your Twin Flame are entering a transformative period where you both have the opportunity to grow, heal, and evolve.
  2. Change and Adaptation (Number 5): The number 5 often represents change, adaptability, and freedom. In the context of a Twin Flame reunion, this could suggest that both you and your Twin Flame are undergoing significant changes or transitions in your lives, and these changes may be essential for your reunion and personal growth.
  3. Doubled Energies (Repeating 1s and 5s): When you see repeating numbers like 1155, the energies of the individual digits are amplified. In the context of Twin Flames, this could indicate a strong and powerful connection between you and your Twin Flame. It may be a reminder that your reunion is an important and transformative event in your spiritual journey.
  4. Alignment and Synchronization: Repeating numbers often symbolize alignment and synchronization with the universe or higher spiritual forces. In the context of Twin Flame reunion, 1155 might be seen as a sign that you and your Twin Flame are aligning with your soul’s path and coming closer to the reunion you both seek.

It’s important to remember that angel numbers are open to interpretation and can vary from person to person. The meaning of 1155 in the context of Twin Flame reunion should resonate with your own intuition and experiences. If you feel that this number holds significance for your journey, take it as a sign to stay open to change, embrace personal growth, and trust in the timing of your reunion. Ultimately, the journey of Twin Flames is deeply spiritual and can involve a wide range of signs and synchronicities that guide you along the way.

 Twin Flame Separation 

Due to the nature of twin flame relationships, a breakup is not uncommon (see Twin Flame Stages). Angel 1155 is a sign that change is about to happen. This change could refer to your twin flame reunion.

The interpretation of angel numbers, such as 1155, in the context of Twin Flame separation, can offer insight and guidance during challenging periods. Here’s a possible interpretation of how 1155 may relate to Twin Flame separation:

  1. Embrace Change and Transformation (Number 1): The presence of the number 1 in 1155 suggests that even during periods of separation, it’s essential to focus on personal growth and transformation. This may be a reminder that the separation phase is an opportunity for both you and your Twin Flame to work on yourselves, heal, and evolve individually.
  2. Navigating Changes (Number 5): The number 5 symbolizes change and adaptability. In the context of Twin Flame separation, it may indicate that changes are occurring in your lives individually or within the dynamics of your connection. These changes could be necessary for your personal development and the ultimate reunion.
  3. Repetition and Amplification: Repeating numbers like 1155 often signify intensified energies and messages. In the case of Twin Flame separation, seeing 1155 might suggest that the challenges and lessons associated with the separation are particularly significant and transformative for both you and your Twin Flame.
  4. Alignment with Divine Timing: Angel numbers are often associated with divine timing. Seeing 1155 could signify that you and your Twin Flame are on the right path, even if it involves a period of separation. It may be a reminder to trust the timing of your reunion and to have faith that it will occur when the time is right.
  5. Maintaining Positivity: The presence of angel numbers can serve as a reminder to maintain a positive and hopeful outlook during separation. It encourages you to focus on personal healing and growth, knowing that the challenges you face are part of a greater spiritual journey.

It’s important to remember that angel numbers are open to interpretation, and their meaning can vary from person to person. If you resonate with the interpretation of 1155 in the context of Twin Flame separation, use it as a source of inspiration and guidance to navigate this phase of your journey. Continue to work on your own personal growth and healing, maintain faith in the connection, and trust that the separation serves a higher purpose in your Twin Flame journey.

1155 Numerology

The 11:55 angel number is made up of 11 and 55. The 11:55 meaning can be understood by analyzing the meaning of 11 and 55. Numerologists call the numbers 11 and 55 master numbers and they carry a higher frequency vibration than other two-digit numbers.

1155 Meaning

What does 1155 mean? The 11 55 meaning is as follows:

Angel number 11 is a Master Number. Master number 11 is considered a divine gift. It is similar to the number 1, which symbolizes new beginnings, but being a master number it has a high vibration and is a lot more powerful.

Angel number 55 is a master number, and it represents the energy of change and transformation.

Therefore, angel numbers 11:55 means that  new beginnings will bring about a change or transformation. 

The angel number 11:55 is made up of two master numbers 11 and 55 and therefore is a powerful number with a high vibration. It means that new beginnings or new opportunities will bring about a change or transformation.

When deciphering the angel number 1155 meaning, one way to understand it is to break the number sequence down.

  • Number 1 is the first digit in the 1155 number sequence. Therefore, it points to the situation that led you to receive this special angel number. Since angel number 1 signifies new beginnings or new opportunities it means that something new is starting in your life or new opportunities will present themselves soon.
  • The central number 15 (1-15-1) gives the angel number 1155 its core message. Angel number 15 is a sign of inspiration.
  • The last digit signals the likely outcome. In 1155 the last digit is 5. Angel number 5 is a sign of transformation and change, you can assume that your guardian angels will ensure that the outcome will be positive.

Therefore, the angel number 11:55 meaning is that a new opportunity or new beginnings will inspire you and cause a transformation.

The position of the single digits in an angel number helps to explain its meaning. The 1155 angel number means that new opportunities will soon present themselves and they will inspire you to change or cause a transformation in your life.

What is the meaning of number 1155 in numerology? To find the meaning of 1155, you reduce the digits in 1155 (1+1+5+5=12) which is reduced to 3 (1+2=3). Therefore, according to numerology, number 11/55 takes on the meaning and vibrations of number 3.

The number 3 meaning in numerology, is symbolized by the triangle and represents the connection between the mind, soul, and body.

Number 1155 is made up of the two cardinal digits 1 and 5. It, therefore, has the attributes, energy, and vibrations of both numbers 1 and 5. Since each number appears twice, it has double the energy and emphasis. Number 1155 can be reduced to 3, so it is also influenced by number 3.

Therefore, angel number 1155 has the energies of the numbers 1, 5 and 3.

  • Number 1 carries the vibrations of change, development, and new beginnings.
  • Number 3 carries the vibrations of growth, harmony, inspiration, optimism, and enthusiasm.
  • Number 5 carries the vibration of change, expansion, and transformation.

1155 Journal Prompts

Angel numbers are sent to provoke thought and send us guidance to help us progress in life and find the right path. Sometimes, a number has a secret meaning that we don’t understand at first. For example, the number 1155 encourages us to try something new. Something that will inspire you and cause a transformation. However, not everyone knows what that means. The following journal prompts are specifically related to angel number 1155 and will help you understand the secret message your angels are trying to send you.

  1. What have you always wanted to try but never had the guts to?
  2. Create a bucket list and set a timeline for the things you want to do.
  3. Describe new experiences you would like to have or something new you would like to start.
  4. What new beginning are you currently experiencing in your life or what you would like to experience? How are you feeling about it?
  5. What does a new beginning mean to you? How do you approach new beginnings in your life?
  6. What are you hoping to achieve or experience with this new beginning?
  7. What fears or doubts do you have about this new beginning? How can you overcome them?
  8. What lessons have you learned from past new beginnings in your life? How can you apply them to this new beginning?
  9. What steps can you take to prepare for this new beginning? What resources or support do you need?
  10. How can you stay motivated and focused during this new beginning? What strategies can you use to overcome obstacles and setbacks?
  11. What opportunities might this new beginning bring into your life? How can you make the most of them?
  12. What strengths and skills do you have that will help you succeed in this new beginning? How can you use them to your advantage?
  13. What is one small step you can take today toward this new beginning? How can you continue to move forward and make progress?