122 Angel Number

122 Angel number

The 122 angel number is a sign of new beginnings that will enable your best life to manifest. Read on to see what you need to do to make it happen.

122 Angel Number Meaning

122 Angel Number Spiritual Meaning

What does 122 mean spiritually?

 1. Stay mindful and present 

This is a message to be fully engaged and attentive to the current moment, without allowing yourself to get caught up in distractions, worries, or regrets about the past or future.

Staying mindful and present involves paying close attention to your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations as they arise, and cultivating a sense of non-judgmental awareness and acceptance of what is happening in the present moment.

Here are some ways to stay mindful and present:
  • Practice mindfulness meditation: Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool for cultivating present-moment awareness. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and spend some time focusing on your breath, noticing any thoughts or emotions that arise without judgment, and returning your attention to the present moment.
  • Pay attention to your senses: Engage your senses to become more aware of your surroundings. Notice the colors, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of the world around you.
  • Slow down and simplify: Take time to slow down and simplify your life. Eliminate unnecessary distractions and focus on the things that truly matter to you.
  • Practice gratitude: Cultivate a sense of gratitude by focusing on the good things in your life. Take time each day to reflect on what you are grateful for, and express your gratitude to others.
  • Be present in your relationships: When spending time with others, be fully present and engaged in the conversation. Listen actively and give your full attention to the person you are with.
  • Take breaks and recharge: Take regular breaks to recharge and refresh your mind and body. Go for a walk, spend time in nature, or engage in a relaxing activity that helps you feel centered and present.

Staying mindful and present requires consistent practice and effort. By cultivating present-moment awareness and a sense of non-judgmental acceptance, you can develop greater clarity, calm, and joy in your life.

As Kyle Gray explains, angel number 122 is a message that “you are at a very important stage of your journey, so it’s important to stay mindful and present”.

 2. Your prayers are manifesting 

According to Mystic Michaela, in “The Angel Numbers Book: How to Understand the Messages Your Spirit Guides Are Sending You”, the 122 angel number is a sign that you are being called to look around and see what is coming your way. Michaela explains that there have been many changes around you in order to create room for the things you are manifesting through the law of attraction. Michaela asks you to create a list of things that seem different in your life at the moment and reflect on how they are the result of your prayers.

The things that you asked for have slowly started manifesting. Were you aware of your manifestation powers?

  • The Universe listens when you ask so spend time on reflection to decide exactly what you want to manifest and create a manifest list. You can manifest anything you want. See how to manifest.
  • When you are manifesting, it is important to practice gratitude and be thankful for the things you have. You can also express gratitude for the things you want in the present tense as if you already have them (see manifestation affirmations). Stay away from negativity in any form.
  • Spend time on visualizations during which you visualize yourself receiving the things you are trying to manifest. Feel the emotions you will feel when it happens. If you also take action to do whatever is required to reach your manifestation goals, then you will find your actions will be a miraculous success. Manifestation does not mean wishing for things to happen and then sitting around waiting for them to happen. You need to take action. However, once you do, you will succeed!
  • Try our free Manifestation Journal which will guide you through each of the stages of manifestation.

 3. Believe in yourself 

Believe in yourself each step of the way as you reach your divine life purpose and soul mission. Be confident in your abilities. Trust your instincts. Know that you are capable of reaching your goals. You are on your way to the fulfillment of your dreams.

The 122 meaning is a symbol of your personal power.

If you find it difficult to believe in yourself, then use positive affirmations to build your self-esteem.

See How to Write Affirmations. Now might be a good time to create affirmation cards or take our free online course on how to use affirmations to transform your life.

 4. Be grateful for what you have. 

The angel number 122 meaning is also related to gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude is important because it helps us appreciate what we have and focus on the positive. Focus on the good things that happened instead of the bad ones. Gratitude will also help you see the world through a positive lens. It can make you happier and more satisfied with your life overall.

When you see the number 122, it is a sign from your guardian angels to start counting your blessings. It is important to be grateful for everything that you have.
We have created a free printable or digital gratitude journal for you to use to remind you to express gratitude for those little things. There is also a free daily gratitude journal to incorporate gratitude and appreciation into your daily life. There are many different sections and you can either print the entire journal or only the sections you want to use. You can also use it digitally on a tablet with a stylus (see digital planners for an explanation on how to do this). See our gratitude list or things to be grateful for.

 6. New beginnings 

Angel number 122 is a sign of new beginnings.

Look out for new opportunities that will present themselves. If you don’t look out for them, you might miss them.

These new opportunities will help you find the right path to your divine purpose. They could be new projects, new directions in life, new adventures, new hobbies, or meeting new people. Have the courage to try new things even if it requires you to leave your comfort zone. You will develop in the process. Progress doesn’t come from staying in your comfort zone.

Your angels are assuring you that these new beginnings will bring about a positive change in your life.

 122 Angel Number Love 

What is the 122 angel number love meaning?

 If you are single: 

The number 122 starts with the number one (symbolizing a single person) but then has two two’s (symbolizing a couple). Therefore, if you are single you can be sure that you won’t stay that way for long. You are about to become part of a couple.

 If you are in a relationship: 

The angel number 122 love meaning is to work on balance in your relationship. Make sure that you spend enough time alone. Put extra focus on cooperation and teamwork this month. Work with your partner as a team and you will achieve more.

 122 Angel Number Twin Flame 

The angel number 122 twin flame meaning depends on whether or not you have met your twin flame and the stage you are in the twin flame journey (see the Twin Flame Stages).

 Twin flame reunion 

Your twin flame reunion is going to happen very soon if it hasn’t already happened. When you are reunited with your twin flame you will find happiness and the deep meaning of life. You may feel like you are coming home and will experience a profound sense of familiarity and accomplishment.

 Twin flame separation 

If you and your twin flame have separated, number 122 comes as a sign of encouragement. You will be getting back together soon. Angel number 122 starts with the number 1 and then the number 2 (symbolizing a couple) appears three times. Since the number 1 doesn’t appear again, you can assume that you will not stay single or apart from your twin flame.

Journal Prompts

When you receive a message from your guardian angels it might not be entirely clear what it means to you. One of the ways to understand the message is to journal. The best time to journal is after meditation or after you take a few very deep breaths. Sit down somewhere quiet and choose one of the following journal prompts. Write whatever comes to mind.

Once you have chosen your journal prompt from the selection below, copy it (highlight it with your mouse, right-click on your mouse, and select copy) and then click on the button below to insert it into a journal page.

Add a journal prompt to a page
  1. List 20 things you are grateful for in life.
  2. List the people you are grateful for in your life. Describe why you appreciate each person.
  3. What can and should you do more of?
  4. What can you do today to bring you closer to your ideal life?
  5. What is your soul mission in life? If you are not sure, what is your passion? How can you help others? What gives you a sense of fulfillment?
  6. What makes you feel empowered?
  7. How do you define personal freedom?
  8. Describe new things you can try this month? Include new foods, places, and experiences.

Affirmations to Repeat when you See Angel Number 122

Affirmation is a powerful tool that can make your outlook more positive. Your affirmations must be meaningful to you, so personalize them if they are not relevant to you. See How to Write Affirmations

Repeat each affirmation 10 times a day. Also, don’t forget that it isn’t enough to repeat affirmations. You need to take action as well. Affirmations are a step toward your goals but will not make you reach them if you don’t take any action.

  • I am happy and grateful for all that I have.
  • All of the changes in my life are positive and empowering.
  • Change helps me to grow.
  • I am evolving into a more fulfilled person.
  • Things are getting better every day.
  • I am worthy of what I want in life.
  • Every day my life is changing for the better.

122 Numerology

What does 122 mean? According to numerology, the number 122 is reduced to 5 (1+2+2=5). Therefore, it has the numerological meaning of the number 5. The number 5 meaning in numerology signifies change, expansion, and transformation. The angel number 5 meaning is related to change and transformation. It is a sign from your guardian angels to be prepared for a change that is going to take place in your life.

What is the meaning of 122? The angel number 122 meaning can be understood by breaking up the number sequence. Number 122 is comprised of 1 and 2 and it is reduced to 5. Therefore, the cardinal numbers 1, 2 and 5 are the keys to understanding the meaning of angel number 122. It also includes master number 22, known as the Master Builder.

  • Number 1 carries the vibrations of change, creativity, development, and new beginnings.
  • Number 2 symbolizes duality, diplomacy, cooperation, collaboration, balance, and harmony.
  • Number 5 carries the vibration of change, expansion, curiosity, wit, and transformation.
  • Number 22 carries powerful vibrations and attributes of intuition, philanthropy, adaptability, and inner wisdom, manifesting your strongest desires and dreams.

The 122 angel number means that you will encounter new beginnings that will cause changes in your life but your angels will continue to support you and ensure that these changes are all for the good.

  • Number 1 is the first digit in the sequence 122. Therefore, it points to the situation that led you to this particular moment. Since angel number 1 points to new beginnings, you should look out for opportunities for new beginnings.
  • The central number 2 gives the angel number 122 its core message. Angel number 2 is a sign of trust and support. So the core message of 122 is that the angels are here to support you on the journey to reach your life purpose.
  • The last digit signals the likely outcome. In the number122 the last digit is 2. Angel number 2 is a sign to trust that you are on the right path and to have faith that everything will work out as it should.

Therefore, the combination of 1 at the beginning, 2 in the middle, and 2 at the end of the sequence sends a message that something new is beginning. It will have a good outcome and your guardian angels will support you during the process.

Since 122 is reduced to 5, the message carries the vibration of change and transformation. Therefore, these new beginnings will cause changes in your life. However, there is no need to worry as your guardian angels inserted the number 2 in the middle of the angel number to ensure you that they will support you during these changes.

The place where you saw the 122 angel number is also important. Therefore, if you saw it on the way to or at a job interview then you can assume that it is related. The 122 meaning, in this case, is that the new job will be very good and you will have a lot of support. If you see it on the way to a date you can assume that it means that the new relationship will be positive and supportive.