3838 Angel Number

3838 angel number

The 3838 angel number is sent to you when you have an opportunity to manifest anything you want. However, there is something you need to do before this can happen. Read on to see what it is.

Do you keep seeing 3838? If you keep seeing 3838, then it might not be a coincidence. It might be an angel number. It could appear on a license plate, building number, receipt, or even a phone number. Read on to see what the meaning of 3838 is.

3838 Meaning

What does 3838 mean?

The 38:38 angel number is made up of the repeated number 38. When a number repeats itself in a number sequence, your angels are emphasizing its message. Therefore, the angel number 38 meaning is doubled. The 38 38 meaning is similar to that of angel number 38 but it is as if the angels are trying to get your attention. They might have even sent you a message via number 38 in the past, and you never noticed that they were trying to communicate with you.

The 38 angel number meaning is that something in your life is not balanced or lacking, but you are about to enter a period of abundance and prosperity and everything will fall into place.

Something in your life is either missing or not balanced, but you are about to enter a period of abundance and prosperity, after which everything will fall into place.

3838 Numerology

To find the meaning of 3838 in numerology, you reduce the digits in 3838 to 22 (3+8+3+8=22). Since 22 is a master number you do not continue to reduce 22 until you get to a single-digit number. Instead, the 3838 numerology meaning is equivalent to that of the master number 22. Master number 22 is written 22/4 since Master Numbers are represented by the double-digit number first and then the reduced base number.

What is the 22 meaning in numerology? Number 22 is the most powerful of the Master Numbers in Numerology. It is often referred to as the “Master Builder” or the “Master Architect”. Angel number 22 is a sign to trust that you are on the right path and that everything will work out as it should.

Have faith in the Universe. You are on the right path and are heading in the right direction. Trust that all will work out well. 

3838 Meaning

The 38 38 angel number is made up of the cardinal numbers 3 and 8 and is reduced to number 22, and therefore has the attributes and energies of numbers 3, 8, and 22.

  • Number 3 carries the vibrations of growth, harmony, inspiration, optimism, and enthusiasm. Angel number 3 resonates with virtues such as harmony and balance.
  • Number 8 carries the vibrations of of spontaneity, self-expression, self-confidence, infinite energy, harmony, and balance. Angel number 8 carries the energies of success and material wealth.
  • Number 22 carries powerful vibrations and attributes of harmony, intuition, selflessness, adaptability, and inner wisdom, manifesting your strongest desires and dreams.

3838 Angel Number Meaning

What does 3838 mean spiritually?

Number 3 is the first digit in the sequence 3838. It points to your current situation at the time you received this message. Since angel number 3 represents balance and the connection of mind, soul, and body you can assume that this message is being sent in order to restore balance in your life. Your angels are asking you to look at the way you are balancing your priorities and your life.

The central number 83 gives the angel number 3838 its core message. The angel number 83 meaning is that good things are on the way and your life will be balanced and harmonious.

The last digit signals the likely outcome. In 3838 the last digit is 8. Angel number 8 means that you are about to enter a period of abundance and prosperity and everything is falling into place.

The combination of 3 at the beginning, 83 in the middle, and 8 at the end of the sequence sends a message that something in your life is not balanced or lacking but you are about to enter a period of abundance and prosperity and everything will fall into place.

3838 Spiritual Meaning

The angel number 3838 meaning is as follows:

Review the balance in your life

The 3838 angel number, is sending you an important reminder to review and pay attention to the balance and harmony in your life. Use our free online wheel of life maker to find out which areas of your life are not in balance or are lacking something.
3838 angel number - balance

Something in your life is lacking or not in balance and it is important to understand what it is if you don’t already know.

Give back

The 38 angel number meaning is that it is time to pay your fortune forward.

Your angels want you to share your blessings with those less fortunate than you. Choose a person or a place today that you can give your time or money to. Or do something nice for someone.
3838 angel number
When it comes to 3838, this meaning is emphasized. Your angels are asking you to do something to help others. There are many ways you can do this such as volunteering your time. Community service will not only improve the lives of others but will connect you to your community.
You can also donate things you no longer need. Find a good organization to donate to such as Goodwill or Salvation Army.
Another way to give back is to offer kindness or attention to people around you. Help someone in need or be friendly or thoughtful to a stranger.

Your angels are asking you to give back to others less fortunate or in need. Do something nice for someone today.

Manifest your dream life

As mentioned above, the number 3838 meaning is that you are about to enter a period of abundance and prosperity and everything will fall into place. You have manifestation powers. You can manifest anything you want. See how to manifest. Keep practicing gratitude and be thankful for the things you have. You can also express gratitude for the things you want in the present tense as if you already have them (see manifestation affirmations).

3838 angel number - manifestation
This abundance can be in any area, depending on where you need it most or want it most. Spend time on reflection to decide exactly what you want to manifest and create a manifest list. Visualize yourself having each of the things on your manifest list. Feel exactly what you will feel when you have them.
You can also use our free Manifestation Journal which will guide you through each of the stages of manifestation.

You have an opportunity to manifest your best life. However, don’t forget to practice gratitude and to be thankful for the things you already have before you ask for more.

Free Manifestation Journal

Have a positive attitude

Angel number 3838 is a symbol of positivity. It is a reminder to release negative thoughts, focus on positive thoughts, and embrace positive energy.

When negative things or thoughts enter your mind, try to move your focus to positive things or thoughts. It might take an effort in the beginning, but over time it will become a habit. For example, when something bad happens, try to look for the silver lining or the positive side of the situation. See When Life Gives You Lemons. It takes a bit of creativity sometimes, but it really works.
Count your blessings and appreciate what you have instead of what you don’t have. Surround yourself with positive people, express gratitude for what you already have, and recite positive affirmations. See How to Write Affirmations or take our free online course on how to use affirmations to transform your life.
3838 angel number-stay positive
Approach life with an optimistic attitude and a positive mindset and you will see how your life will improve.

Number 3838 is a reminder to think positive and to have an optimistic outlook.

3838 Angel Number Love

When it comes to love, the 3838 angel number meaning is a good sign.

If you are single:
You are about to manifest the perfect partner. See How to Manifest Someone<
How to Manifest Love

If you are in a relationship:

If your relationship is not ideal, then you can use your manifestation powers to manifest a better relationship. One of the ways to do this is to focus on the things you appreciate about your partner and you will get more of those things. The law of attraction states that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. The more you focus on the positive aspects of your relationship the better it will be. You can try our free couples journal to help you do this.

3838  Angel Number Twin Flame

You have the power to manifest anything right now and that includes a twin flame relationship. If that is something you want right now then visualize it happening, go out and meet people and practice gratitude daily. Your twin flame reunion will happen soon.