Angel Number 5555

angel number 5555

If you have been seeing the number sequence 5555 more than once or in unexpected places, then it is no coincidence.  The number 5555 is a message from your guardian angels that major life changes are about to happen .  Read on to find out exactly what this means and what changes you can expect. 

Angel number 5555

5555 Angel Number Meaning

Why do I keep seeing 5555? The 5555 spiritual meaning means the following:

 Major change is on the way 

Angel number 5555 is a sign that major change is on the way. Don’t worry as this is a positive change that will help you in some way even if you don’t see it at first. It is more important than ever to stay positive and to surround yourself with positive energy.

Angel number 5 means change. However, when it appears four times 5-5-5-5, then it takes on an even greater depth. When you keep seeing 5555, it means that a very significant change is right around the corner. The good news is that this change is for the good. Since change is inevitable, it is important to accept it. Change often causes stress and this is natural. However, it is important to understand that without change, you cannot grow. After this change, you will come out a better person. See angel number 5 meaning and the meaning of angel number 555.

To ensure that these changes are positive, make sure that you keep your thoughts positive.

Positive thinking is more important than ever. If you find it difficult to stay positive, then use affirmations. If you are not sure how to use affirmations, then see how to write affirmations. We offer a free online affirmation generator to help you write effective affirmations. We also offer a free online course on how to use affirmations to transform your life.

In order to surround yourself with positive energy, you need to overcome limiting beliefs. Try to avoid negative people who prevent you from maintaining a positive mindset.

5555 angel number - change

 Get your mindset right 

5555 is a reminder that you should not fear change, but embrace it instead. This is a message to get your mindset right.

The angel number 5555 meaning is that change is inevitable. It will probably come quickly and without any warning, therefore, it is important to get your mindset right. With the right mindset, you will find that your life will be better after the change. Change requires you to leave your comfort zone. However, if you welcome change into your life, then you will also welcome exciting opportunities for a better life. Through change, you will get an opportunity to explore ways to improve your life. These might include things you never thought possible or things you never realized would be better than your current situation.

 Listen to your inner voice 

555 is a sign to make changes and improve your life. 5555 is a more desperate message. It is as if the angels are yelling and telling you to make changes. There are things in your life that cannot stay the way they are. They must change.

What are these things? Listen to your intuition or inner voice to know in which specific area of your life you need a change. Is there something that is bothering you or needs improvement? If so, 5555 is an urgent sign that you need to do something to change this ASAP. If you don’t like your job, then start looking for a new one today. If you are in debt, then create a budget sheet to see how you can start getting out of debt and bring prosperity into your life. If you are lonely, then do something to meet people. Only you know exactly what you want to change in your life, so spend some time on reflection.

Your angels are urging you to make or accept changes in your life. There are things in your life that need to change. Only you know what they are.

 Set goals to make changes 

Once you have decided which changes you would like in your life, spend some time setting goals to make those changes happen.  5555 is an urgent message to stop procrastinating and make changes. Your life will improve after the change.

5555 angel number - set goals
Print our free goal planner and it will take you through the steps to change your situation. The goal planner lists all the action items required to reach your goals. You will set milestones to keep reaching until you reach your final goal. There is a section to set a deadline for each action item and each milestone. This will ensure that you stay on track and enable you to assess your progress. This is particularly important if the angels have sent you number 5555, as it is urgent to start making changes and reaching your goals.
The 5555 angel number is an urgent message to stop procrastinating and make changes in your life.

 You have amazing manifesting powers right now 

You have great manifesting powers right now. Take advantage of them to manifest the things you want in life.

According to the book “Number Sequences and their Message” by Amelia Bert, the number 5555 means that synchronicity appears in front of you. This number is telling you time is on your side.

You will find yourself in all the right places at the right time. The more you relax and go with it, the more you will notice those amazing synchronicities all around you. You are manifesting at the speed of light, and your thoughts are coming into fruition in front of you. Take advantage of the special powers that you have right now.
Angel number 5555 - manifestation
 Since number 5555 brings positive vibrations into your life, this is the perfect time to focus on manifestation . Manifestation is based on the Law of Attraction. According to the law of attraction, whatever you focus on, you will attract into your life since like attracts like. This is true for both positive and negative thoughts. If you think positive thoughts, they will bring positive results into your life. If you think negative thoughts they will bring negative results into your life. Therefore you have to be very careful what you think about.
You now have the power to manifest whatever you want into your life, so now is the perfect time to create a manifest list. Think carefully about what you want because you have special manifestation powers at the moment and it is better to use them on things that you really want. You can manifest anything (see How to Manifest Something) or anyone (see How to Manifest Someone). You can manifest money (How to Manifest Money) or even weight loss (How to Manifest Weight Loss). There is really no limit to the possibilities. There are many different manifestation methods but since you saw 5555 the best manifestation method for you is the 555 Method. Print a free Manifestation Journal that will take you through each of the steps required to manifest whatever you want to bring into your life. Now would also be the perfect time to create a manifestation board.

55 x 5 method

Open up your heart, arms, and mind to receive the blessings that are being offered to you now.

 5555 Meaning Love 

When it comes to your love life, you can be sure that major changes are going to happen. Your guardian angels are sending a sign that these will be positive changes.

5555 could be guidance from your angels to examine your relationship and see if changes should be made.

  •  If you are in a relationship , then you might need to focus more on communication or romance. Maybe you need to make more of an effort to understand or appreciate your partner.
  •  If you are not in a relationship , then 5555 is probably a secret message that you are about to enter a relationship. It might also mean that you are about to meet your soulmate or twin flame (see twin flame vs soulmate).

 5555 Angel Number Twin Flame 

A twin flame is a mirror image of your personality and is sometimes referred to as your “mirror soul.” Seeing 5555 is a sign that your twin flame reunion is near. A twin flame reunion results in both partners finding happiness and understanding the deep meaning of life. When you first meet your twin flame, you might experience a profound sense of familiarity. When you are in a twin flame relationship, you may feel like you are coming home.

If you have met someone and want to know if they are your twin flame, then take our twin flame test.

Printable Chart

Create a free printable angel number chart that you can customize before you print.

angel number chart 5555

Journal Prompts

If you keep seeing angel number 5555 then it is a good opportunity to use these journal prompts. They will help you understand the message your guardian angels are sending you.

angel number 5555 - journal prompts

Affirmations to Repeat When You See Angel Number 5555

angel number 5555 - affirmations

See How to Write Affirmations and Manifestation Affirmations

5555 Biblical Meaning

  • The number 5 represents the five books in the Old Testament (Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, and Numbers) and five books in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John,  and Acts of the Apostles).
  • The Ten Commandments are divided into two sets of five commandments each. The first Five Commandments govern the laws of the relationship between God and people. The second set of Five Commandments governs the laws of the relationship between people.

To read more about the meaning of 5555 in the bible see the biblical meaning of 555.

5555 Numerology | 5555 Meaning

The number 5 symbolizes change, multiplicity, harmony, transformation, luck, motivation, and personal freedom.

What does 5555 mean?

Whereas angel number 5 symbolizes change, number 555 symbolizes major change and 5555 symbolizes life-changing events. Since the number 5 appears in more digits, the importance and urgency of the message sent by the number 5 strengthen when it repeats itself four times.


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