Twin Flame Stages

Twin flame stages

What Are The Twin Flame Stages?

Like most relationships, there are various stages that most couples experience. Below is a list of stages and their descriptions. The twin flame stages can be different fom one relationship to the other depending on the individuals involved but here’s is a brief outline of what to expect:

Stage one: Yearning phase

The first stage of wanting to find your Twin Flame often begins with a yearning. Before you meet, you’ll have a strong feeling that your twin flame is somewhere waiting for you. You’ll have a deep longing and feel prepared to meet them. You will know that there is ‘your other half’ out there somewhere.

Stage two: Meeting phase

Once you two meet, your souls will synch. You’ll fall fast and experience instance instant attraction and a deep soul connection. You literally can’t stay away from one another and spend a lot of time together bonding. This is often referred to as the awakening stage.

Stage three: The honeymoon phase

Of course, there is the ‘honeymoon phase’ and like other kinds of relationships, the name describes the experience. The length of it depends on the couple. The relationship is new, exciting, and positive. The twin flame love is deep and intense. You’ll want to enjoy every moment of this special phase and these powerful emotions. The length of the honeymoon period will depend on the couple.

Stage four: Challenges emerge

Differences will eventually arise in any relationship but in a twin flame relationship, these issues cause turmoil. They reflect the work you need to work on your own. It’s not about improving the union but working on your shortcomings. It is a process of healing that you need to undergo. Often those challenges that emerge are a reflection of each soul needing to do their soul work or shadow work independent of one another. Our twin flames tend to mirror our shadow selves. If each partner does the work, the outcome is often a deeper relationship.

Stage five: The test

You’ll be tested as you move deep into the shadows. Your insecure will start to show and lead to questioning your union. At this point, one of you may start to avoid the other or quit the union while the other partner starts to experience emotional insecurities.

Stage six: The chase

Commonly known as the separation phase, pursuing is a huge part of the relationship. Twin flame unions tend to have lots of pushes-and-pulls as their love for each other is tested. Unfortunately, there are times when one person pulls away, leading to separation.

Stage seven: The surrender phase

The pursuing can go on for a long time, even years, and until you learn to work on your insecurities, triggers, and challenges, you might not be able to reunite. During the surrender phase, you surrender to the relationship and allow the other person to be themselves, with flaws and weaknesses. That’s when you reunite again. This stage is all about acceptance and understanding.

Stage eight: Coming back home

Once you’ve surrendered to your destiny, there is balance, and your life together begins. You create shared meaning, and there’s understanding and empathy in the relationship. You support one another and facilitate the growth of each other. This is the final stage of a twin flame journey.

Twin Flame Separation

Because there is a lot of push-pull that comes forward during the soul-work, one partner might pull away completely.

Don’t let the fact that you broke up worry you. This happens sometimes. One of you may walk out of the relationship but you will usually get back together eventually. It could take months or even years but something will always bring you back together. What you have is very different than any other romantic relationship you have had before.

At some point, the relationship either ends completely, or there is a kind of surrender that happens and the couple accepts one another for who they are, “warts and all.”

What Are The Twin Flame Separation Ending Signs?

Here are twin flame separation ending signs:

Being Drawn to specific Places at a Certain Time

Feeling like you want to visit or be in certain places without rational explanation can be a sign that your subconscious mind is directing you to your twin flame reunion. Remember that you should be excited about this feeling, so it’s best to avoid it if you’re wary.

Marvelous timing

You’ll feel like the universe is helping you reunite; you’ll feel like everything aligns naturally and effortlessly.

Excitement and delight

Twin flames often share emotions and exchange energy. A feeling of unexplained joy and bliss means that your reunion is close to your door. You may feel your partner tugging on your connection, and that’s a sign you are entering a state of wholeness.

Having a sense of familiarity

If you are feeling an intense pull toward somebody and feel familiar with them, it is a sign that you’re on the path of reuniting with your twin flame again.

Interacting spiritually

Relating with your twin flame on an astral or spiritual plane creates a robust bond between your souls and helps reunite in the real world.


You might begin to notice signs of synchronicities, and that’s a period of rapid soul growth. They appear in number sequences ( called angel numbers) such as 111, 222, 333, etc. When you begin to see these numbers more frequently, it may seem like a mere coincidence, but it may be a sign from the universe suggesting your reunion is near.

Shared dream

Another most common sign that your reunion is near is sharing dreams. In the challenging separation time, you’ll likely communicate telepathically via dreams. You’ll dream about your twin flame more often when you’re about to reunite.

Seeing signs and symbols that signify a new beginning

Twin flame reunion is often symbolized by white swans. If you see a group of white swans landing or flying, your twin flame may be initiating a reunion.

Please note: The symbol doesn’t necessarily have to be a pair of white swans. You can also be drawn to a pair of lions, birds, dolphins, or any other animal spirit.

Feeling their presence

You might begin to sense your partner’s presence near you, which is a sign of a more robust bond – this is not unique to twin flame, but that’s how all souls connect. It’s a sign your twin flame is drawing near, and you need to prepare for the reunion.

Thinking about them a lot

Thinking about each other all of a sudden is another telltale sign that your reunion is near. You’ll notice that the thinking is more than usual and happens frequently.

How Long Does a Twin Flame Reunion Take?

Well, it’s good to note that no twin flame journey is the same. How long it’ll take to reunite is dependent on the individuals involved. However, the twin flame reunion phase is usually the longest in their journey.

There are times when a twin flame suffers more wounds that take longer to heal and need to deal with their insecurities. Twin flames may be unable to reunite until both are in term with their connection—it takes the two to tangle.

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