What are Angel Numbers?

What are Angel Numbers?

What is an Angel Number?

According to Mystic Michaela, in “The Angel Numbers Book: How to Understand the Messages Your Spirit Guides Are Sending You”, an angel guide is a divine vibration whose task it is to help you grow and reach your life goals. Your angel guides are there to help you discover your life purpose and live your best life. They communicate with you to guide you or to warn you if necessary. One of the ways in which they guide you is via numbers. Numbers repeated throughout your day are words of wisdom from your angel guides. Therefore, Angel Numbers are YOUR Angel’s way of communicating with you. It is a sign from the Universe that it is working on your behalf and looking out for you. They can also appear as divine guidance when you are not sure about a choice to make or where to put your focus. If you look carefully, you might find your answer in the form of numbers.

How do you decipher these messages? This article discusses what angel numbers are and how to interpret the meaning behind the numbers so that they can help us live our best life.

To check your personal angel number according to your date of birth, see “What is my angel number

Where will I see angel numbers?

The angel guides use repetition to get your attention and to notice the angel numbers. These sequences of numbers can appear absolutely anywhere, such as on license plates, receipts, alarm clocks, newspapers, road signs, etc.

Why do I keep seeing angel numbers?

The Universe (Source, God/Goddess, Higher Power) is in constant communication with us. It guides, leads, suggests, and offers many opportunities to be our best selves. Angel numbers are one way it communicates with us. They help us reach our purpose in life and find the path to happiness and fulfillment.

Our lives are filled with numbers, and they are mostly utilitarian. How many times a day do you look at the clock, write the date, or dial a friend’s phone number? We do this without giving numbers a second thought. But when we randomly see repeating numbers, they catch our attention.
If you’re like most of us, your ‘intuition’ or gut instinct is stepping up to say ‘hey, this is meaningful – pay attention!’ The universe is constantly giving us messages, and Angel numbers are one way to get our attention.

Why do I keep seeing repeating numbers? First, they show up everywhere. You might notice double or triple-digit numbers on the clock on your computer or the odometer on your car. Angel numbers appear everywhere. Once you start noticing them, they will ‘appear’ more frequently. Since they are put there in order to get your attention, it is helpful to understand their meanings.

When you are progressing in your life, experiencing difficulties, and undergoing personal growth, then you will see angel numbers more frequently. The more you notice the angel numbers, the more messages you will receive.

Why do I keep seeing the same word everywhere?

Numbers are one method of communication that your guardian angels use in order to communicate with you. However, they are not the only method. Anything that repeats itself more than once could be a message. When you keep seeing the same word everywhere or you keep seeing signs of someone, it could very well be a message.

How do I know the number is an angel number and not a coincidence?

The repeating numbers will be shown to you in order to get your attention. How do you know when it is a divine message or a mere coincidence? There is no consensus regarding the number of times that you need to see a number to know that it is a message. Many spiritual angel intuitives claim your angel guides will send you an angel number more than once or twice. The more often you see the number, the more you can be certain that it is a message. According to the book “Number Sequences and their Message” by Amelia Bert, any number may be a message as long as it appears more than three times in a short period of time.

Another way to know that a number is a message and not a coincidence is when you see the numbers in unexpected places. If you see the number in a very unlikely place, then it is enough to see it once to know that it is a message.

We offer a free angel number journal where you can record the numbers you see. This will help you recognize patterns, repetition, and frequency. It will help you understand whether the number is a message or a coincidence. See the printable angel journal below.

How many digits are in an angel number?

Angel number sequences are built with single-digit numbers from 0-9. Since it is easier to notice numbers when they are in sequences, angel numbers usually have three or four digits. Therefore, you will usually see three or four-digit numbers when the guiding angels are using numbers to send you a message.

Who are the angels?

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., explains that you have guardian angels with you at every moment. They are angels of Divine light who want and can help you with every area of your life, including your career, love life, and family. There is nothing they can’t do. They love unconditionally and focus only on our potential and not on our faults. Surveys show that between 72% and 85% of American adults believe in angels. It should be noted that angels don’t belong to any particular religion. The monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) all have traditions of angels providing messages and protection to their leaders and followers.

Mystic Michaela, in the book “The Angel Numbers, describes the angels as high-vibrational beings who are the embodiment of universal emotions such as unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. They serve the divine, or the source of life and energy, and protect and guide us throughout our lives.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., explains that ascended masters are great spiritual teachers who have ascended and who are helping you and everyone else from their Heavenly perspective. These teachers are often associated with the religion that you believe in. For example, Christians may work with Jesus, Buddhists with Buddha, etc. However, Doreen Virtue claims that ascended masters (like angels) will work with anyone who asks for their help, no matter what their religion is.

Who invented angel numbers?

Nobody knows for sure, but it is believed that angel numbers are linked to Pythagoras in the sixth century B.C. His name was Pythagoras of Samos and he lived from 570 – 495BC. He was a brilliant political and religious teacher of his time. His influence was pervasive in the philosophers of the time, including Aristotle, Plato, and others. Although little is known about his life, he is known as the ‘founder’ of Pythagoreanism. He was a brilliant mathematician and scientist, and he is credited with many discoveries. Although no one knows for certain, it is said he lived in Samos, a thriving cultural hub of the Near East, and may have studied in Egypt.
There is not much left of the actual life and teachings of Pythagoras. However, through the writings of Aristotle, we have a notion of some of his main teachings. The one we are referring to in this case is called metempsychosis. In layman’s terms it is the belief that all souls are immortal and that after death, a soul is transferred into a new body. Thanks to Pythagoras, and his theory, the art/science of numerology was created (source).

Are angel numbers real?

Many people relate to Angel numbers through the study of numerology, which is the study of the meaning of numbers. Both Angel numbers and numerology use many of the same meanings of numbers to define how they impact us.

The study of Angel Numbers is interesting and meaningful. It is considered by some to be mere coincidence and others truly a gift from above. Whether you ‘believe’ or don’t, is really irrelevant because the numbers will show up in your life if you believe they are from a higher realm, or if you see them as coincidence.

Nobody can really know for sure if they are real or not. However, angel numbers are always positive and lead us to fulfill our life purpose and live our best life. Therefore, I think that whether they are real or not doesn’t really matter as long as they help us reach our potential, be happier and more fulfilled, and live better lives.

What do Angel Numbers Mean?

In the section on angel number meanings, we go into more detail about how to understand the meaning behind every single angel number. We explain how to decipher the meaning of angel numbers. We also offer a free online angel number meaning guide that will help you understand the meaning of any angel number from 0 to 999. The angel number meaning dictionary is customized to your unique situation and gives advice accordingly.

Many of the messages from the angels are an attempt to help you reach your divine mission or purpose in life. Your divine mission or purpose is your career, activities, or volunteer work that involves an issue that you are passionate about and helps others in the process.

The message could be confirmation that you are going in the right direction or that you are on the right path. It might also be guidance or a reminder to incorporate things like love, gratitude, or balance into your life. The message will always be positive in an effort to help you.

How to Ask the Angels for Help

You don’t need to wait for the angels to help you. Your guardian angels want to help with every area of life, including happiness, fears, career, money, relationships, etc. You can ask them for help whenever you need it. See:

What to do with messages via angel numbers?

So you realize that the numbers you are seeing are not a coincidence, and you understand that they have been sent by your guardian angels. What do you do now?

Firstly, thank you guardian angels for the message they sent you.

Understand the message and put it in action

Let’s assume that you saw an angel number and then deciphered the meaning behind the number. What do you do with the message? The goal of this site is not only to help you recognize angel numbers and understand what they mean but to use the messages that the angel numbers are sending you to reach your potential and live your best life.

Therefore, we have provided free tools to use for each angel number you see. For example, if you see an angel number that is letting you know you are not focusing enough on gratitude then we provide a free gratitude journal. If your angel number is telling you to set goals then we provide a goal planner. All of the tools provided are free and they all have one purpose, to help you live your best life! Everyone wants to live their best life but some people don’t know what they need to do to get there. An angel number is your angel guide’s way of helping you reach that purpose.

How do you use the free journals provided? Sit somewhere quiet where you will be comfortable and nobody will disturb you. Start with a few deep breaths or do a guided meditation (there are many excellent guided meditations for free on YouTube). Read the questions or journal prompts and then write whatever comes to mind.

We want you to get the most out of the numbers and to use the guidance in a practical and effective way. Understanding the meaning of angel numbers will help guide you to your life’s purpose and we are happy to provide all the tools that you will need to do so.

Send a message to your angels

Angel numbers are usually used to send you a message from your guardian angels. However, you can use the numbers to send a message to your guardian angels as well. Use these numbers to call into your life the energies you wish to be surrounded by. Choose the number that sends a message that you really want. Create an angel number chart or poster with this number, use this number in your password, give a donation in this sum, etc.

To Manifest Someone or Something

An angel guide is a divine vibration tasked to help you grow and reach your life goals. Your angel guides are there to help you manifest your best life (see how to manifest). They communicate with you to guide you or to warn you if necessary. One of the primary ways in which they guide you is via numbers. These numbers are called angel numbers. They are words of wisdom from your angel guides that are given to you via numbers that are repeated throughout your day. According to Mystic Michaela, in “The Angel Numbers Book: How to Understand the Messages Your Spirit Guides Are Sending You”, Angel numbers call out to the universe through specific energies. You can use these numbers to harness those same energies when you are trying to manifest someone or something. Choose any angel number (see the angel number list in the section on angel number meanings) related to something you want to manifest. Use this number in your daily life. It can be in your password, make a donation in that sum, make that number your screen saver, etc. This is a sign you send to your angels. They will then send a sign back to you. When you use these angel numbers often, it will heighten their frequency and raise your own vibration. You can use this same process with Grabovoi codes.

When you use this number often you will heighten its frequency and raise your own vibration.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., claims that the angels told her you can meditate upon any number sequence in order to bring its vibrational properties into your life. For example, if you would like more abundance in your life then draw or look at the number 8 often. Look at the numbers that symbolize things you want to bring into your life and meditate upon these numbers.

Angel Number Journal

Now that you know how angel numbers can help you, you can watch out for them and look for repeating numbers in your life. These numbers can appear on your clock, on car number plates, in newspapers, or anywhere else. Let your angel guides guide you to your best life and help you manifest anything you want in life.

angel number journal

Printable or DigitalJournal

The more you look out for signs from your angels the more signs you will receive. It isn’t because the angels start communicating more but rather because you become more aware of their messages.

When you take a spiritual path and you open up to the angels, you will suddenly become aware of many signs, messages, coincidences, and miracles that occur around you. One of the best ways to learn how to become more aware and to process these signs is by keeping an Angel Numbers Journal. As you record your signs and messages in your journal, you begin to see how the angels are guiding you. You gain clarity and confidence and allow these signs to guide you to your best life.

Your journal will not only expand your awareness, but it will help you process and understand the messages. You will also be able to see patterns that you might otherwise have missed.​

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